Define Luhya. Luhya synonyms, Luhya pronunciation, Luhya translation, English dictionary definition of Luhya. Noun 1. Luyia – a Bantu language Bantoid. Bukusu- ukusu-English dictionary compiled and edited by: Michael Marlo, The present draft is based on L. L. Appleby’s Luhya-English Vocabulary. indigenous beliefsRELATED ARTICLES: Vol. 1: Kenyans Source for information on Luhya: Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life dictionary.

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100 Commonly Used Luhya Words and Their Translations

Many births take place in the home, but increasingly women dicfionary urged to give birth in hospitals or other health facilities. Bantoid languageBantu – a family of languages widely spoken in the southern half of the African continent. Diary of a poultry farmer: The present version of the dictionary reflects revisions implemented in summerwhen Aggrey Wasike re-checked dicrionary entire dictionary again, paying special attention to tone- marking, followed by light editing by Marlo.

Among the Abawanga, Islam is also practiced. Oxford University Press, Shaking hands is a very common form of greeting, and luuya people who are meeting for the first time in a long while, the handshake will involve not just the clasping of hands, but also a vigorous jerking of the arm. Noting his weekend meeting with Luhya elders was closed-door, the politician said: Often, however, these pets are kept for utilitarian purposes.

Often the dogs will have their kennels outside of the house, but cats may sleep in the house. Musical instruments include drums, jingles, flutes, and accordions. They are well dressed in order to be able to enter international hotels. I didn’t say Raila betrayed us, Mudavadi now claims. Deliveries that take place at home are managed by older neighboring women who have luuhya in assisting in deliveries.

The luhga level for the total population of Western Province where the majority of the Luhya live is Government of Kenya, n.

This is slightly lower than the national average of Acts of supposed lack of deference or insubordination by women towards their husbands, father-in-laws, or other senior male relatives can result in beatings from the male relatives, especially the husband.

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The majority of Luhya families are agriculturalists. Proverbs, stories, and songs are commonly used not only for entertainment, but also for education especially of the youngconflict resolution, and adding flavor or weight to conversations. Burial often takes place in the homestead of the deceased.

Families strive to provide food for their visitors, especially tea. In summerAggrey Wasike verified and edited the wordlists generated by Sifuna and supplemented the orthographic representations with the marking of tone and vowel length.

In spite of this suppression, Kenyan male prostitutes are readily available on the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa, usually catering to international tourists. For births that take place in hospitals or other places outside of home, these rituals are not observed. Musalia made the revelation on Sunday during a meeting with a section of Luhya MPs and the Western Elders’ Council at Francis Atwoli’s home, where he explained his absence from the ceremony.

People rely on public transportation, consisting of buses and vans, but travel on foot and on bicycles is also very common.

Other foods that are consumed include traditional vegetables like mrera and nderema. Pottery and basket-weaving are quite common among the Luhya, especially in the rural areas. Clay pots are also still used by many families for preparing and storing traditional beer, and also for cooking traditional dictionagy. Ditch Nasa for Jubilee to save your political future, Machakos elders tell Kalonzo.

Translation of Luhya in English

If the marriage is agreed upon, bride-wealth of cattle and cash, called uvukwi among the Avalogoli subgroup, is paid. Those who dare to do so are considered aberrant and may even be verbally assaulted by men. These illnesses are prevalent mainly due to poor sanitation and inadequate access to clean water and health facilities, and also because they frequently do not practice safe sex.

Because the family farm is rarely sufficient to meet all of the family’s needs for food, school fees and supplies, clothing, and medical care, often some members of the family will seek employment opportunities in various urban centers in the country and remit money back to the rural homes. The main reasons for the high drop-out rates are the stringent qualifying examinations to enter high school, and the very expensive school fees required in high school.


The essence of any form of greeting is not just to salute the person, but to inquire of their well-being and that of their families. Music is mainly of local, Swahili, and Lingala Democratic Republic of the Congo origin, but western European and American music are also common. The most popular spectator sport is soccer, and the Luhya are known for producing some of the best soccer players in the country.

The Luhya belong to the larger linguistic stock known as the Bantu.

This is about Whereas the majority of the Luhya live in western Dictoonary, especially in the rural areas, there is an increasingly large number of Luhya who have migrated into major urban centers such as Doctionary in search of employment and educational opportunities. The chicken gizzard, however, is still for the most part considered men’s food particularly the male head of the householdand in many homes women will not eat it.

Children sing songs and dance for play and especially boys when herding livestock. Women do dictoinary of the domestic chores such as fetching firewood, cooking, taking care of children, and also farm work.

Skip to dictipnary content. In the rural areas among the Luhya, people live in homesteads or compounds, with each homestead comprising several houses. Because many people nowadays profess Christianity, many burial ceremonies, even though largely traditional in terms of observance of certain rites, do involve prayers in church and at the deceased’s home. Th us gender empowerment and equality constitute the major gender issues among the Luhya. The houses tend to be round or square. Were was worshipped through intermediaries, usually spirits of dead relatives.

As such the Luhya luhua have distinct cultural practices, especially governing the gender division of labor, marriage and women’s access to resources.

Migration into their present Western Kenya location goes back to as early as the second half of the 15th century ad. Thus, for example, a boy might be named Joseph Wafula, and a girl, Grace Nekesa.

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