Captain John Smith (–) Admiral of New England was an English soldier, sailor, and author. He is remembered for his role in. Smith as Unreliable Narrator in The General History of Virginia While John Smith did many things for the. In chapter 1, book 3 of The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles, published in , Captain John Smith describes.

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For the coronation of Powhatan: The Salvages often visited vs kindly. Labourers 12 laborers listed, including one named “Old William”.

From Wighcocomoco to this place all the coast is low broken isles of benerall [marsh], grown a mile or two in breadth and ten or twelve in length, good to cut for hay in summer and to catch fish and fowl in winter; but the land beyond them is all covered over with wood, as is the rest of smth country.

Being against their plains [open, flat land], our muskets they found shot further than their bows, for we made not twenty shot ere they all retired behind the next trees.

By them we anchored that night and called them Rickard’s Cliffs. By whose advice you sent him such presents I know not, but this give me leave to tell you: Newport, Smithand twentie others, were sent to discover the head of the river: And yet the loss, the scorn, the misery, and shame was the poor officers, gentlemen, and careless governors who were all thus bought and sold, the Adventurers couzened, and the action overthrown by their false excuses, informations, and directions.

Far we went not ere seven or eight canoes full of men armed appeared following us, staying to see the conclusion. We digged and searched in many places but before two days were expired, we would have refused two barricoes of gold for one of that puddle water of Wighcocomoco. The like encounters we found at Potomac, Cecocawonce and diverse other places; but at Moyaones, Nacotchtant, and Toags the people did their best to content us.

But it chanced our captain taking a fish from his sword not knowing her condition being much of the fashion of a thornback but a long tail like a riding rod, whereon the middest is a most poisoned sting of two or three inches long, bearded like a saw on each side, which she struck into the wrist of his arm near an inch and a half. But he so much scorned their charitie, and publikely defied the vttermost of their crueltie, he wisely prevented their policies, though he could not suppresse their envies, yet so well he demeaned himselfe in this businesse, as all the company did see his innocency, and his adversaries malice, and those suborned to accuse him, accused his accusers of subornation; many vntruthes were alledged against him; but being so apparently disproved, begat a generall hatred in the hearts of the company against such vniust Commanders, that the President was adiudged to giue him 1.


Unless you would have me run away and leave the country I cannot prevent them, because I do make many stay that would else fly any whether. This king was the comeliest, proper, civil savage we encountered. And hard by it runneth a fair brook of crystal-like water where they wash away the dross and keep the remainder, which they put in little bags and sell it all over the country to paint their bodies, faces, or idols, which makes them look like blackamoors dusted over with silver.

And for the quartered boat to be borne by the soldiers over the falls: For every master you have yet sent can find the way as well as he, so that a hundred pounds might be spared, which is more than we have all that helps to pay him wages.

Captain John Smith, The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England & the Summer Isles ()

Two or three days we expected [experienced] wind and weather whose adverse extremities added such discouragement that three or vjrginia fell sick, whose pitiful complaints caused us to return, leaving the Bay some nine miles broad at nine and ten fathom water.

Neither was smithh a small policy in Newport and the mariners to report in England we ha such plenty and bring us so many men without victuals when they had so many private factors in the fort that within six or seven weeks [out] of two or three hundred axes, chisels, hoes, and pickaxes scarce twenty could be found.

While our work is not over with regards to the upcoming budget to be passed in the fall, the Omnibus Spending Bill represents an endorsement of the important work that the humanities do for hixtorie communities.

Being thus refreshed, generqll crossing over from the main to other isles we discovered, the wind and waters so much increased with thunder, lightning, and rain that our mast and sail blew overboard and such mighty waves overracked us in that small barge that with great labor we kept her from sinking by freeing [bailing] out the water.

At the mouth of that river we espied six or seven savages making their weirs, who presently fled. And in regard of the weakness of the company and heat of the year, they being unable to work, he left them to live at ease to recover their health, but embarked himself to finish his discovery.

Transcription from Original

Two days we were enforced to inhabit these uninhabited isles, which for the extremity of gusts, thunder, rain, storms, and ill weather we called General. But having lain in this small barge not above twelve or fourteen days, oft tired at the oars, our bread spoiled with wet so much that it was rotten yet so good were their stomachs that they could digest it they did with continual complaints so importune him now to return as caused him bespeake them in this manner: But the axes so oft blistered their tender fingers that many times every third blow had a loud oath to drown the echo.



No sooner were we landed but the President dispersed so many as were able, some for glass, others for tar, pitch, and soap-ashes, leaving them with the fort to the Council’s oversight. This river, but only at the entrance, is very narrow, and the people of small stature as virbinia of Wighcocomoco; hiztorie land but low, yet it may prove very commodious because it is but a ridge of land betwixt the Bay and the main ocean. That we feed you with hopes, etc.: But when they departed, there remained neither tavern, beer house, nor place of relief but the common kettle.

The hisgorie is one of the earliest, if not the earliest, histories of the territory administered by the London Company. Scott, Drum William Wilkinson, Surg.

At your ship’s arrival the savages’ harvest was newly gathered, and we going to buy it, our own not being half sufficient for so great a number. The President returning from amongst the woods, seeing the time consumed and no provision gotten and the ship lay idle at a great charge and did nothing presently embarked himself in the discovery barge, giving order to the Council to smihh Lieutenant Percy after him with the next barge that arrived at the fort.

Samuell Collierboy.

But the good news of our discovery and the good hope we had by the savages’ relation that our Bay had stretched into the South Sea or somewhat near it, appeased their fury. In our return, inquiring still for this matchqueon [as the Indians called this spangled pin-dust], the king of Potomac gave us guides to conduct us up a little river called Quiyough [Aquia Creek], up which we rowed so high as we could.

M r George Percie Anthony Gosnoll. In their absence I followed the new begun works of pitch and tar, glass, soap-ashes, and clapboard; whereof some small quantities we have sent you. They were not sparing of their arrows, nor [of] the greatest passion they could express of their anger.

No blood nor wound was seen but a little blue spot. Matters of moment were to be examined by a Iury, but determined by the virginua part of the Councell, in which the President had two voyces. They boldly demanded what we were and what we would, but after many circumstances they seemed very kind and directed us to Accomac, the habitation of their werowance, where we were kindly entreated.

This gave us cause to provide for the worst. Our captain sporting himself by nailing them to the ground with his sword set us all a fishing in that manner.