Get this from a library! BDI-II: inventario de depresión de Beck-II: manual. [Aaron T Beck; Robert A Steer; Gregory K Brown]. BDI-II. Inventario de Depresion de Beck. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Paidos. Beck, A. T., & Steer, R. A. (). Internal consistencies of the original and revised. The first Spanish adaptation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) was published in This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of its first.

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Adaptation of the BDI-II in Mexico

Abstract The number of Spanish-speaking individuals and immigrants in the United States has risen dramatically and is projected to continue to rise. However, remote access to EBSCO’s databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing invenntario.

Factor analysis in the development and refinement of clinical assessment instruments. Themes for the 21st century. La sensibilidad y especificidad obtenida al emplear el puntaje de corte de 19 propuesto por Beck et al.

Propiedades psicométricas del Inventario de Depresión de Beck II en pacientes con cáncer.

The internal consistency of the overall scale was satisfactory, as were the Cronbach’s alpha coefficients in each subscale. Estos resultados confirman la no existencia de diferencias relevantes en el grado de ajuste alcanzado por ambos modelos a los datos analizados.


Net migration from Mexico falls to zero—and perhaps less. Results indicated that the translation was easily understood by most individuals, had adequate internal consistency, and a three-factor structure negative attitude, performance difficulties, and somatic elements had the best fit. Quantitative methods for verifying semantic equivalence of translated research instruments: Although the three-factor model presents with the best fit of the three models, two alternative models are not completely inviable alternatives.

Al analizar dichos resultados, no se observan diferencias importantes en los indicadores exhibidos por ambos modelos.

Formats and Editions of BDI-II : inventario de depresión de Beck-II : manual []

British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 59, Another consideration is that there are alternative validation methods that can be implemented. This study has strengths and limitations worth mentioning.

The two samples were combined because no large differences were observed between samples, and to increase power and reduce restriction of range from the education of the student sample. Third, there is no evidence for which factor structure best reflects the latent structure of the BDI-II in Spanish-speakers; this study explored latent structure with PCA and compared different structures using confirmatory factor analysis CFA techniques.

A Chinese version of the experiences in close relationships scale.

Also, in aiming to create a regionally appropriate adaptation, different Spanish translations of the BDI-II bek not be comparable, limiting comparisons with other translations. A growing body of literature has demonstrated that there are differences between Spanish-speaking regions that continue to change based on immigration status and socioeconomic status.


The study established adequate internal consistency, convergent validity, proposed a three-factor structure based on exploratory factor analysis.

After multiple revisions and piloting, a tentative final version was administered to a student and community sample. It is unclear which factor depredin best describes the BDI-II in Spanish-speaking individuals as they have not been explicitly compared in previous studies.

Symptoms may cluster together differently when disorders are present, or when the severity of symptoms is greater. Developmental epidemiology En D. Depression care in the United States: Student and community samples can be combined for a nonclinical sample. For example, on item 17 irritability the U. Psychological science can improve diagnostic decisions.

Second, in personal communication with Penley and colleagues, one of the translators for the U. This abstract may be abridged. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. No statistically significant relationship with age was observed. Finalmente, las Figuras 2 y 3 presentan los modelos modificados de uno y dos factores.

A review of validation data and clinical results.