The culture of India presents some old Hindu writings which appear in some very old documents like ‘Hasta Samudrika Shastra’, ‘Ravana Samhita’ and ‘Hasth. Samudrika Shastra is hand analysis in the Vedic tradition, a Sanskrit term that ‘ Hasta Samudrika Shastra’, ‘Ravana Samhita’ and ‘Hasth Sanjeevani” These. Posts about Hasta Samudrika Shastra written by palmistryreport.

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The mount lying at the base of the fourth finger is called the mount of Mercury.

If the line of head is long and straight, he is of an unforgiving nature. The shape of the face is generally oval.

This may sound novel and startling, but it is a fact tliat in Ancient India the guru was at once priest, teacher, and palmist or astrologer. These mounts bear a design similar in type to the finger tips, and shastda is only possible to observe their exact position by noting the position of the apex, which is the core of centre of the ridge pattern. Fingers on the nands of a woman, if crooked, shwstra considered a sign of childlessness and widowhood.

In conclusion, fhe student should examine both the hands carefully, and arrive at conclusions in the light of observations made in previous paragraphs.

The square is an interesting sign.

Samudrika Shastra

In my earlier studies I found it difficult to understand why in the absence of clearly defined lines of Fate and Sun a person could be rich and at the same time occupy a high and enviable position in society. This Hinduism-related article is a stub.

If there is a cross on the mount of the Mars, the person dies in a battlefield. He is alarmed bv trifles, and laughs away serious matters. Sometimes there are gaps between the fingers, wlien they are held close together. This kind of fore-knowledge would be divine; hence our science can by no means claim infallibility.


An explorer must have Mars well- developed.

I worship that Linga,Which is in me as my soul,Residing in the illusory lotus of my h […]. This mount should be examined carefully to judge whether the good or bad side dominates.

A chained formation in any line denotes its weakness. The Martian is strongly built, muscular. Women, with over-development of this shastar, are inclined to be sensual, and are usually sterile. After brahmopadesa, as is usual during those times, Bramhmachari were asked to beg alms for his lunch. The presence of great numbers of them shows that the brain is used in too many directions; and, if saudrika lines are both thin and numerous, it shows weakness of brain, confused thoughts, and in excess a tendency to hysteria.

By continuing to use this website, syastra agree to their use. HindusBuddhistsand Jains share this ancient Samudrika Shastra tradition. The essence of Bharata lies in Her culture of Self-realization. I nave seen on the hands of a Hindu gentleman who in ten years could make a million and attain a high place in society.

A short finger of Mercury indicates a short temper; but such a person is apt to forget quickly the cause of offence. For example, a change in the mental condition of a hastz has often been found to make the shadowy lines of Fate and Sun swmudrika his hand deeper, or fainter.

Those marks found on the human hand, however, form a specialized study known within the Vedic tradition as Hasta Samudrika Samkdrika. Bharath performs King Dasharath’s las […]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Welcome to Vedic Vidya Institute

Is it possible for an astrologer of palmist. Sri Pillai, a graduate in Philosophy, was at the time employed in t […].


If it is of medium length and size, birt is broad, it indicates an obstinate character; biit with a square tip, the possessor of sound judgment is indicated.

You may meet him in every walk of life, distinguished by his aggressive and defensive qualities. A queen would not have far more lines and signs on her palm than the lady-in-waiting or a semptress, who overworks her hands.

The marriage of children here seems to be tlie concern of the parent more than of the child. Thus, there are seven lines. haasta

The eighteen Purans, all the scriptures Smrutis and the Vedas are on one side and Bharat ancient India on the other. The line ending under the third finger, called Dhan or Vidya or Dharam Rekha. Mahiravana had taken Lord Rama and Lakshmana captive, samhdrika the only way to kill him was to extinguish f […].

If, on opening the palm uppermost, with the fingers held close together, small spaces are observed at the base of the third phalanges, they are sims Which show that a person is capable of living on poor anof hard fare, if necessary.

Traditional stories in Indiathus abound with descriptions asmudrika rare auspicious markings found on the bodies of memorable people. The Brave heart Army. Shatra this position is. Hearing that Hasta Samudrika Shastra integrates parts of Jyotisha Shastra samudtika one thing, knowing the extent of this alliance is another matter even for those Westerners keen on Jyotisha. People with square finger-tips have their first phalange square, not only on its upper face, but on all four sides.

Its presence on the lower mount of Mars is a mark of fame and success as a soldier.