The term ‘Fourth Way’ is a term Ouspensky adopted from George Gurdjieff. But although the name ‘Fourth Way’ appears for the first time in the twentieth century, . P. D. OUSPENSKY. THE FOURTH. WAY. A RECORD OF TALKS AND ANSWERS TO as method of awakening—Approach to self remembering through the. Ouspensky’s Fourth Way by Gerald Beckwith than one copy and for enquiries about volume and trade purchases, please email [email protected]

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May 15, John Brooke rated it really liked it Shelves: Intentional suffering is the act of struggling against automatism such as daydreaming, pleasure, food eating for reasons other than real hungeretc For a student who travels the path of the Fourth Way, it is crucial to become aware of the greater tradition of which he is part. Evolution was only possible because of its benefit to higher cosmoses. Some ways we act contradict each other.

Ouspensky In Search of the Miraculousp. Gurdjieff said that students of his methods would find themselves unable to transmit correctly what was said in the groups.

But even when you are able to put them off, because something else distracts you, the feelings don’t go away, they just build up. A far more difficult read than RAW or Hyatt, yet the end result is similar. The fourth way differs from the old and the new ways by the fact that it is never a permanent way. Unlike modern psychology, man observed his functions, not for the same of his functions, but for the sake of extracting consciousness from them.

I This book took me six months to crawl through and though painful at times was worth the effort. Well to be precise, you remember nothing when it happens, but you just feel being a whole and remembering not what you did not remember but remembering you just wasn’t remembering before remembering. To find oneself in a set of conditions that a gifted teacher has arranged has another benefit.

But this doesn’t mean we need to always be controlled. Hence man usually has no unity in himself, wanting one thing now and another, perhaps contradictory, thing later.


He doesn’t explain why we lack consciousness and why we don’t self-remember. It becomes more apparent as he progresses along the Fourth Way.

Fourth Way

But yet, the teaching is, probably most difficult thing in the fouth to reach. As good examples of bad examples, Ouspensky pointed out modern science, which altogether overlooks the principle of relativity ousprnsky freely focuses on the smaller or greater worlds while losing sight of man. The diagram has eight levels, each corresponding to Gurdjieff’s laws of octaves. The French institute was headed for many years by Madam de Salzmann – a direct pupil of Gurdjieff.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some, including his close pupil Rodney Collin, say that he finally gave up the system injust before his death, but his own recorded words on the subject “A Record of Meetings”, published posthumously do not clearly endorse this judgement, nor does Ouspensky’s emphasis on “you must make a new beginning” after confessing “I’ve ouspnesky the system”.

A man may be quite alone in the desert and he can trace the enneagram in the sand and in it read the eternal laws of the universe. Each student is advised to do only dourth they understand and to verify for themselves the teaching’s ideas.

Fiurth Fourth Way teaches how to increase and focus attention and energy in various ways, and to minimize day-dreaming and absent-mindedness. Until then, I find the system and his teaching style discouraging and is not worth my time. I don’t see what benefit there is for believing in any of this nonsense.

How do we know that we actually aren’t conscious or able to self-remember?

Which brings me to why Ouspensky has no grasp on emotions. According to this system, the three traditional schools, or ways, “are permanent forms which have survived throughout history mostly unchanged, and are based on religion. All I learned is that “we are not conscious”, and this ouspwnsky is repeated in every single page. Apr 19, Gregory rated it it was amazing. The idea in principle is good; that we need to work toward self-development and growth by becoming more aware of the multiple “Is” that we have through the centers and understanding how When I read this book it literally made me angry to know just how flawed the teachings and the way it is taught is.


Anyone out there that’s read several and would consider themselves knowledgeable care to chime in? He acts like some authority who has special knowledge over others without actually caring to explain why his knowledge is factually accurate. The answers provided by Ouspensky are some of the most illuminating and awakening pun intended ouspeensky into the work that are available.

And the more they build up the harder it is to deal wway them. Jan 15, Eric rated it liked it Shelves: The whole study of laws and phenomenon had to point to generating foruth.

The Fourth Way by P.D. Ouspensky

Tricky reading, but this book really helped me to learn how to concentrate again. Quotes from The Fourth Way. FromOudpensky made visits to North America where he resumed his teachings. When you examine Ouspensky’s other ideas, they just come accross as completely ridiculous.

All teachings involve physical, emotional and intellectual aspects.

The Fourth Way (book) – Wikipedia

He began writing All and Everything. D, Ouspensky, Alfred A.

Jan 04, Wanvisa rated it it was amazing. All ways lead to the same end: Gurdjieff’s teachings, which Gurdjieff presented in the form of raw materials, Ouspensky’s specific task having been to put them together as a systematic whole. In each moment and circumstance, man was called to remember himself. But when you look at the dialogue between Ouspensky and the other person, they are insistently asking what Ouspensky foueth by some of his definitions, but he refuses to answer and repeatedly says “figure it out for yourself by practice and you will understand”.

Apr 28, TW Yeung rated it liked it. Other scales and ideas are only of value to man in as much as they relate to his aim to awaken. Classic Ouspensky, also try and read Gurdjieff if you can, it will blow your mind!

Here however, you are hearing keys to awakening the self from one of the true masters and a student of Gurdjieff directly.