E/ECE/ Rev.1/Add/Rev.2 E/ECE/TRANS/ Regulation No. 43 page 4 CONTENTS (continued) Annex 3 Annex 4 Annex 5 Annex 6 Annex 7 Annex 8. Mr. Masaru Morikawa, General Safety Subcommittee, JASIC. – Safety Glass Testing according to ECE R Mr. Pham Minh Thanh. E/ECE/TRANS/) November 2, STATUS OF UNITED NATIONS REGULATION ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL.

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The sample shall be simply supported as a horizontal level arm between a fixed supporting edge at one end in such a way that the entire width will rest on a eece edge fulcrum which is 51mm from the fixed end support. Dimensions in mm Key 1 Sheet of cardboard 2 Spray pattern Figure 9 View A of Spray Pattern Furthermore perform a trial run without a test panel, carrying out 10 washing operations 10 double passesto distribute the suspension evenly in the apparatus.

The provisions concerning regular e43 transmittance set out in Annex 3, Paragraph 9. No recirculation of the spray water or immersion of the test specimens in the water shall be permitted. A set of test pieces or samples submitted for approval shall be considered satisfactory from the point of view of the test for resistance to humidity if all the tests have given a satisfactory result.

The limits of the group are determined by developed area of windscreen. However the third requirement set out in Paragraph 4. Number of layers of plastic: That area shall then be examined by the collimation-telescope system at the appropriate angle of incidence. Nominal thickness of the layer s of plastics acting as interlayer: The method used shall be that described in Annex 3.

Get in contact with us! During a cycle of min the test pieces are exposed to light without water spray for min, and to light with water spray for 18min.

Resistance-to-radiation Test The purpose of this test is to determine whether the light transmittance of laminated-glass panes, glass-plastics glazing or glass glazing faced with plastics material when exposed to radiation over an extended period of time is significantly reduced thereby or whether the glazing is significantly discoloured.


Test Method Diameter D of the circle capable to be scribed: Confirmation or eec of approval or extension of approval shall be communicated by the procedure specified in Paragraph 5. If the requirements given in Paragraph ecce.

Indices of Difficulty of the Secondary Characteristics No secondary characteristics are involved. This method permits testing of materials and components of a vehicle’s interior equipment individually or in combination up to a thickness of 13mm. The measurements rce be performed: The humidity test shall be considered to have given a satisfactory result if: Annex 2A to this Regulation gives examples of arrangements of approval marks. Xenon arc filters shall be replaced according eve the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer.

A maximum of 15 windscreens per day shall be tested. Any special treatment which the layer of glass may have undergone. The type of r34. Indices of Difficulty of the Secondary Characteristics Colourless Tinted Colouring of glass 2 1 Colouring of interlayer 1 2 The other secondary characteristics are not involved.

In the case of glass-plastics glazing the test piece shall be clamped to the support. Results Every windscreen shall be inspected for visual defects.

VW T25 Opening Quarter Light Glass LHS Ece-r43 E37 C | eBay

Vehicle submitted for approval on: As a manufacturer or supplier of glass that is used in cars, trucks, busses, commercial, agricultural or other vehicles such as mobile homes or caravans, you are undoubtedly confronted with the fact that your products must comply with the rigorous safety standards that are stipulated in the United Nations ECE R43 homologation program.

Rigid Plastic Panes 2. Number of Test Pieces Per Set The number of test pieces in each group shall be as follows, according to the shape category defined in Paragraph 1. The light transmittance measured in accordance with Annex 3, Paragraph 9.

Tell me more Already a subscriber. The colouring of the plastic product. Apparatus This method entails the projection of an appropriate slide raster onto the display screen through the safety glazing being tested. Alternatively a curved pane may be tested.


The height of the vacuum pick-up nozzle shall be adjustable, and the nozzle openings shall have a diameter of 11mm. In the case of a sample: Optical Distortion and Separation of Secondary Image 3. For vehicles of Category Mthe centre of the ecr shall be situated within a circle having a radius of 10cm centred on the projection of the middle of segment V V. An integrating sphere to collect transmitted flux; the sphere may be of any diameter as long as the total port areas do not exceed 4.

It is essential that the position of the box leads to a wiping area in exactly the middle of the sample see 2 in Figure Fire Resistance Test 6. Vehicle Type The test shall be repeated if the windscreen is to be fitted to a vehicle of a d43 in which the forward field of e43 differs from that of the vehicle type for which the windscreen has already been approved.

VW T25 Opening Quarter Light Glass LHS Ece-r43 E37 C9065

Test of Resistance to High Temperature 6. Test Method Cut through the coating on to the subsurface a pattern with 6 cuts and perpendicular to this another one so that a grid with 25 squares arises grid-cut.

Results The test pieces shall be cut from finished parts. Abrasion should be conducted on the upper glass side air or fire side. Consider that the modifications made are unlikely to have an appreciable adverse effect and, in the case of windscreens, that the new type comes within the approved group of windscreens, and that in any case the safety glazing material still complies with the requirements; or 9.