: Europe’s Environment: The Dobris Assessment (): European Environment Agency Task Force, United Nations Economic. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Europe’s Environment: The Dobris Assessment | Sumario: The context (Reporting on Europe’s environment. The Dobris Assessment. An overview. Note: Specially prepared for the presentation of the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen, 31 October

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More from Philippe Bourdeau David Stanners.

Drivers of environmental change—including population growth, economic activity, consumption, urbanization, trade, conflict, and governance—clearly play a role in aggravating or mitigating these pressures on land. When individual diagrams are overlaid, patterns of influence emerge that can provide insight into where policy responses might best be targeted.

View on Google Maps. European Assessmnet Agency, Copenhagen, – p. Despite advances in understanding causality in complex systems, navigating the interactions between these drivers remains a major challenge.

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Statistical Compendium for the Dobris Assessment. E85 b E97 Published Universiteitsbibliotheek Gent Disclaimer.


The Dobris Assessment. An overview.

This is the third pan-European state of the environment report produced by the EEA. The Third Wssessment – Environmental assessment report No Deforestation and land degradation are among the pressing outcomes of these trends.

Faculty library of law and criminology Open print view. Bourdeau, Philippe, and David Stanners. The datasets are also available as weekly exports. Report on the state of the european environment.

The Dobris assessment of the state of the environment in Europe – DTU Orbit

You are free to copy, distribute and use the database; to produce dobriis from the database; to modify, transform and build upon the database.

Bourdeau, Philippe Stanners, David Corporate author: Farmland supports many habitats and species of European conservation concern. European Environment Agency, Copenhagen. This paper analyzes and visualizes the relationships between multiple, interacting drivers of environmental change and specific pressures on land-based ecosystems. Natural ResourcesVol. InEurope’s environment ministers agreed to identify all farmland areas with high nature value and dobri conservation measures.

WE12 Currently not available.


Faculty library sciences Open print view. Contact Live chat online E-mail: E85 b E97 a Europe’s environment: European Series No Fri 4 Jan Faculty library economics and business administration Open print view. The expansion of the tourism industry in the Mediterranean is destroying valuable wetlands and contributing to the depletion of the water resources that local communities and the tourism industry depend on. Agenda 21 Issues Select an Issue agriculture atmosphere biodiversity biotechnology consumption demography desertification development forests freshwater hazardous wastes health human settlements land resources mountains oceans radioactive waste solid waste sustainable development toxic chemicals.

Current policy measures appear insufficient to prevent further biodiversity decline. European environment agency, High nature value farmland – Characteristics, trends and policy challenges – Prepared by: Sat 5 Jan closed Sun 6 Jan closed More opening hours.