DIN 53364 PDF

DIN 53364 PDF

The specific surface resistance of to ohm/square (DIN Switch life. Folex method according to DIN DIN , ASTM D Test inks are available, with different surface energies, to test the wettability of films to standards DIN [2] and ASTM Da [3]. Chemical embossing . DIN – This document has been replaced by:: DIN ISO , DIN ISO Relationship to other standards. This document.

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Test ink from at least two components of different surface tension, in particular for applying to workpieces to determine the surface properties thereof, wherein the test ink is substantially free of substances subject to identification.

Caprolactam-blocked isocyanate with at least two blocked isocyanate groups and at least two sec. It has almost identical or similar behavior as the DIN-inks in terms of speed of contraction and the wetting resistance. To determine the surface tension of a solid, the contact angle method is usually used. The newly developed test inks show no change within the usual processing times of several months. Download adhesive product sheet.

ES Free format text: Depending on the surface tension, a contact angle formed between the drop and the solid. When wetted with a liquid, the wetting properties adjacent to the surface tension seem to depend on other properties. From a certain surface tension, which depends on the material and pretreatment, wetting and adhesion can be expected. DE Date of ref document: The surface tension of a solid body is a measure of the wettability and adhesion of inks, paints and adhesives.

As far as known, has yet been used a ternary or quaternary mixture for measurement of the surface tension. To category Refill Supplies. Read more questions from other customers mehr. Since this is Glykoldilether, which thus does not have the desired chemical relationship to that used in the DIN standard glycol monoether, a similar behavior is not expected.


Test ink blue according to DIN 53126

The amino groups bears. Liner WG62 Super-calendered translucent glassine paper especially designed for automatic labelling applications and photocell dispensing systems. To category Toner Cartridges. Djn Free format text: Test ink for application to a work piece for the determination of its surface characteristics.

The mentioned in the tables percentages are consistently to volume. Testtinte nach Anspruch 1, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass die Testtinte mindestens drei, vorzugsweise mindestens vier, Komponenten aufweist. Starting from this prior art, the present invention has for its object to provide a test ink, which overcomes the mentioned disadvantages. News and Technical information.

However, these inks are labeled in accordance with legislation on hazardous substances. Read, write and discuss reviews The test inks are added in small amounts on a regular basis for visualization dyes.

Download facestock product sheet. Furthermore, it is checked whether the plastics are attacked by the inks. Roll products Sheet products Components Certificates Packaging and service. LU Free format text: Practical tests show that there are mixtures among the plurality of ternary and quaternary mixtures, showing, in a comparable application with the DIN inks behavior.

These inks are classified as toxic by the GStVO and thus constitute a health risk for the user. Test ink according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that an additional, more especially third, component is at least one polyalcohol, preferably glycerol or diethylene glycol or triethanolamine.


A comparison of the blends. This is about pins, in which inks consisting of 1-methoxypentanol and diethylene glycol, are filled.

I have read the data protection information. Als Grundkomponenten kommen auch die folgenden Stoffe in Betracht: Paper expertise With a tradition of self-adhesive products Integrated manufacturing Specialization, quality, consistency and rigorous control of the entire manufacturing process A global outlook The portfolio of a market leader Sales and technical service Specialized sales and technical support teams at your service Social and environmental commitment Top environmental credentials for all our products About Adestor Adestor is the self-adhesive paper and film division of Lecta.

Ein Vergleich der Mischungen. Test ink according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that an additional, more especially third, component is triethanol amine. Thus, for example, show test inks include water as a component, generally higher surface tensions than the corresponding DIN inks with surface tension value.

Our range at your fingertips. Related products Also with this facestock. Delivery time 2 Workdays.

Set of 8 PINK pens 30 to 44 dyne/cm – Lotar

Sie sind nach dem Sicherheitsdatenblatt als reizend einzustufen. Sealing wooden floors – by applying filler compsn. The wording of all claims is hereby incorporated by reference into the description.

IT Free format text: Test ink according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that a first component is a diglycol ether, a second component N-methyl pyrrolidone, a third component is glycerol and a fourth component is water. As basic components, the following materials are: