Oracle D2K interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced – What are the system variables can be set by users?, What are object group?, What. D2K – 77 D2K interview questions and answers by expert members with experience in D2K subject. Discuss each question in detail for better understanding. Oracle d2k interview questions Oracle d2k interview questions. Overview · Version History · pkraju. Oracle forms interview questions and answers.

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Varrays are stored by Oracle in-line in the same table space questiions, where as nested table data is out-of-line in a store table, which is a system generated data base table associated with the nested table.

Oracle PLSQL and D2K Interview Questions | Home

Ref cursor is a data type and executed at server side and with ref cursor multiple select statements can be executed. We have provided interview question and answers for both experienced candidates and also for freshers. What do you understand by Format trigger? Explain how to convert a report into excel sheet. Auestions am using Oracle forms. Query data source name: If yes then how: What is a visual attribute? User interiew are build when ever the control need to be passed from the report builder to a program, which performs some function and then control returns to the Report Builder.

Nithin Jul 24th, Nothing Happens Foreground color, Back ground color, fill pattern, char mode. PUT will produce consummated text. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. With Example zahir Sep 11th, No we cannot change system variable. Write your comment – Intervieew Knowledge and Experience. What is the sequence of firing in report trigger?


Oracle d2k interview questions and answers

Candidate row from the outer query. The main features in Release 11i is Multi Org-To support multiple organizations.

Any physical offset in the layout intrrview incorporated into the percentage position specified in the Anchor property sheet. In which directory log and output files are stored? You place the Oracle report on the corresponding application top in the reports folder.

Sep 05 Excludes the current record from the report. Any examples you can give. Some time OCX controls are also available to communicate with devices.

Explain the different types of queries created in reports? There can be number of properties in a property class, and the properties in a class can apply to different objects. A property class can be sub classed in only number of modules. When user logs on to the system. What is a Data Group? Value out varchar2.

It is a set of changeable options through which your application runs. Location varchar2 15. This is because the environment from which the concurrent manager launches a report is different from the one when running the report from OS command line.

Oracle D2K Interview Questions & Answers

A format trigger is used when we want to display a particular field, if certain conditions are met. Post script code should be recognized by the printer driver. Explain them How can you pass values to-and-fro from foreign function? Oracle Application Framework provides you integview great career. What is confine mode and flex mode?


As we basically use Client can customize Descriptive Flexfields. May 15 First canvas should show only semesters wi Control real time devices be printer or robot. If you write NULL in on-error trigger defined in Form level of Forms 10g, then what will happen to the error message during runtime? What are steps involved in developing a flex field?

Anchors are used to determine the vertical and horizontal positioning of a child object relative to its parent. It indicates that whether you dk2 to keep a object and its entire contents on the same logical page.

When DBA shuts down the data base. Any physical offset in the layout is incorporated into the percentage position specified in the Anchor property sheet.

D2K Interview Questions |

This is a function which returns date. For lexical parameters, initial value must be defined so that report builder uses this value to validate the query with a lexical reference. Explain the use of decode function How to dynamically change the page size of D2K reports? The end of the anchor should be attached to the parent object.

This is not the value. What is call form stack?