Field Spaniel. Alle origini la razza, era divisa in due categorie a seconda del loro peso, al di sotto o al di sopra delle 25 libbre. Il Field Spaniel non è altro che. CS. Úřední věstník Evropské unie. C /1 per aree e se è stata considerata la possibilità di allargare il monitoraggio all’intera Regione Toscana; . LV. Eiropas Savienības Oficiālais Vēstnesis. C /1 di piano faunistico venatorio provinciale, dopo la valutazione di incidenza, senza suo rinnovo Ad esempio, il programma di sviluppo rurale della Toscana garantisce un La Comisión fijó un calendario con medidas concretas para el Estado español.

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The Italian legislation referred to above will make it impossible to continue with this line of research, however. The Commission has not taken a view on the football player transfer referred to by the Honourable Member. According to reports in Italy, eight wolves have been killed in the Maremma over the past few days, and it appears that traps have also been laid in that region and elsewhere in Italy, even though the wolf including wolf hybrids is a 20014 endangered species.

Is the Commission compiling comparative data from the Member States on the number of children that go missing in the EU? Te denken valt daarbij aan nieuwjaarsfestiviteiten zoals borrel s c. The ETF pays directly the cleaning, security, maintenance, insurance and other costs for its premises in Villa Gualino and reimburses the Piedmont Region in respect of its share of costs related to common areas and systems. International trade — European Union and Indonesia.

Is the Commission aware of the threats to the Eurasian lynx in Europe, and in France in particular? Further details of such safeguards are set out in the communication referred to above. Does the Commission share the view that there is already a wildly excessive number of projects fourth railway package, CEF and TEN-T with all manner of aims for the railways?

Why did the costs increase exceptionally in and then decrease again? This implies that an individualised assessment must be carried out, assessing both the severity or type of offence and the dangers that are emanating from the person concerned. Aggiornamento sull’utilizzo del Calendagio europeo di sviluppo regionale in Ungheria ai sensi dell’articolo 7, paragrafo 2, del regolamento Toscxna n.


Can the Commission provide any correspondence about this?

Field Spaniel

If so, how does it do this? As indicated above, as the Commission’s competence under the Euratom Treaty does not extend to military activities, it cannot take any initiatives on military sites.

Het zal duidelijk zijn dat de Commissie nooit heeft opgeroepen tot de afschaffing van de Belgische praktijk van automatische loonindexering. Apparently the presence of dioxin has also been confirmed.

Misure protezionistiche applicate dalle economie emergenti. The Commission is aware that this type of metal contamination may take place in firing ranges when ammunition containing heavy metals is used. The Commission considers that Member States should keep flexibility in determining the threshold which should give them the autonomy to set up a regime they consider the most appropriate in view of the structure of their national economy. How many computers and laptops does Frontex own? What measures does the Commission intend to take to review its policies on meat product labelling and traceability, and monitoring of the food supply chain?

Artikel 2 des Beschlusses des Rates vom In this context the Commission will examine and assess the situation in national pre-removal venaotrio centres.

ANLC – Associazione Nazionale Libera Caccia » » Luglio

A CEI shall be published in the Official Journal or wherever it is necessary to provide publicity among potential candidates, i. Commercial sale of expired products.

Investigation into possible corruption in Bulgaria. Does the Commission believe that Italy has abided by EU environmental legislation? Increase in inequality since the start of the financial crisis.

The Commission supports these efforts and appreciates the willingness of all involved parties to acheive a fruitful outcome. In some Member States e. It is possible, under the current and future rules governing the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development EAFRDto offer support for investments in equipment to protect livestock against attacks by wild animals.

The breakdown of ICT costs per chapter forand is given in the table in the annex.

In all cases the administering of drugs to healthy animals was carried out illegally, with no veterinary supervision. Provocative statements by venatofio Turkish Prime Minister against a Member State, relating to the new effort to address the Cyprus problem. What is the exact breakdown of the costs forand ? Essa ha inoltre avviato procedure di infrazione nei confronti di Stati membri per inosservanza della direttiva Uccelli, comprese le sue disposizioni in materia di caccia e cattura.


One of the key elements of the programme is that every Member State can benefit from at least one project of this kind. Yet, the rules strive to ensure fair conditions of access for SMEs. By applying good smoking practices, also with traditional wood-smoking, and feasible for small businesses in the smoked meat sector, the lower tooscana levels for PAH in smoked meat and smoked meat products are achievable.

The EU has been informed by Armenia that its recent decision was based on a number of circumstances, including Armenia’s deep ties with Russia.

If spread on a large scale, the mortality rate caused by CRE czlendario expected to be much higher than that resulting from Escherichia coli, breakouts 0214 which occurred in and Safety of plasma and plasma-derived products.

What national protection measures could be taken? The Agency’s reply will be sent by the Commission to the Honourable Member as soon as possible. The European policy on the protection of migratory birds is being undermined by illegal hunting activities, particularly in the Middle East.

Does the Council see scope for locating and removing the taps installed on these undersea communications cables so as to safeguard the right to privacy in the EU? Nevertheless, the principle of equal treatment is subject to limitations and conditions set out in the Treaty and in secondary legislation.

ANLC – Associazione Nazionale Libera Caccia » » Agosto

However, since the Commission intervened, Denmark has amended the law. What assurances can the Commission give that it will listen to the recommendations drafted by the Special committee on organised crime, corruption and money laundering and approved by Parliament, in order to combat the scourge of organised crime?

The Commission’s position on the auctioning of the homes of Greek borrowers.

Maintaining milk production in mountain areas, less-favoured areas and the outermost regions following expiry of the milk quota system. Member States are invited to use the European Structural and Investment Funds, for instance for restructuring public services and adapting workplaces to respond to the demographic challenges in the period.