The Arcanum is a role-playing game by Bard Games. Like many early published systems, it closely followed the tropes of AD&D and other contemporary games. Bg Atlantean Trilogy the Arcanum Bookmarked 2nd Ed. – Ebook download as PDF File DIRGE Dark Modern Fantasy Roleplaying Game. This fantasy game of the ‘s served as a supplement to D&D/AD&D and as a stand-alone game. It was fairly innovative at the time and is known for its magic.

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If it runs over, I will let you know. Wanting to expand the magic system and player options available in the FRP games of the time while also minimizing game complexity, they experimented with new and various ideas in their own game play.

Before you pledge…

This material will also need to be play tested. The Arcanum was far from a perfect book. You will also receive a softcover copy of the finished book. If you receive a physical copy of the book syou will also receive the PDF of the book s. You will also receive a hardcover copy of the finished book. Back ina company called Bard Games released some books: The exact color and other considerations for the dice will be decided once I complete some talks with various dice manufacturers.

Thus, I will be asking you, the backers, to aid me deciding what should happen with this particular element of the reward levels.

Skills are gained by class and level tables, with more advanced characters gaining greater capabilities. The main rulebook The Arcanumnoted for its extensive magic and alchemy systems, was first published in To see what your friends thought of this book, aarcanum sign up.

I know of several places I can get custom dice.

Additional skills can be bought with experience points. Inthe rights to The Arcanum were purchased by K. I bafd a tinker of games and a natural game designer meaning that I love coming up with games, and when I play games I begin looking at how I would have done things almost immediately. I have high hopes for ZiLa Games. Necromancer — my eternal gratitude. Bard Games released the first two; the third was released by Death’s Agmes Games. Most all of the text is rendered and needs just a little tweaking here and there for layout purposes.


Questions about this project? Tom Domanski rated it really liked it Dec 25, This will tighten my workload and time management a bit The Lost World” in I will make every attempt to ensure that all of the dice in the set are branded with the pentagram on the highest face.

Willahelm Powers added it Jan 22, The Arcanum — 30th Anniversary Edition. This was followed by The Bestiary [4] in Plus you will receive a soft-cover copy of the book once it has been printed; a set of custom dice; and a custom dice bag.

The store will receive four copies of the softcover and one copy of the hardcover. A new version of The Lexicon, combined with The Bestiary was released as well. Shannon Lewis rated it liked it Mar 10, The game is written to function as either a complete game system, a set of optional rules, or a acanum on magic and alchemy. These are not available as add-ons. As a stand-alone game, it is a class-based fantasy role-playing game with an extensive skill system and in-depth treatment of magic that is the the centerpiece of the game.

Each set will come with a dice bag from Chessex aarcanum well. I was not expecting to bars to list stretch goals on the first day A Compendium of Creatures and Beings from the Lost World of Atlantis “Return to the second age of Atlantis to a time wften acanum race of men was young, and giants still walked the earth Jeff rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Capitalismissexy marked it as to-read Dec 15, My name is K.


Arcanum-Atlantean Trilogy by Stephan Michael Sechi

The biggest hurdle will be in the editing. I am the co-founder of ZiLa Games — and this role-playing system is our first major project. gxmes

Plus, you will receive a PDF copy of the finished book. Plus you will receive a hard-cover copy of the book once it has been printed of if the limited edition stretch goal is met ; three sets atcanum custom dice; a custom dice bag; a one-of-a-kind Arcanum-themed custom dice tower from Unique Dice Towers. Check out Update 10 for more information! Over time, this small press game was all but forgotten. So I took out a small loan and used my income tax refund to refund every dollar that had been donated to that last attempt.

Then, after some more time, he left game writing to focus on his music career. The other dice should not pose a problem at all. BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 16, Dice bag inside and custom dice.

The Arcanum: 30th Anniversary Edition by ZiLa Games (K. David Ladage) — Kickstarter

Sechi maintains the rights to that one element of the game. Along with contributing and producing many more books in the Talislanta Milieu including a fiction anthology gajes, Sechi also wrote Bard’s Atlantis and Complete Adventurer series, recorded three CDs based on music from Talislanta, wrote the Pandemonium!

The second edition contains a number of edits, plus the inclusion of some new material, including two classes. Atlas of the Lost World of Atlantis”.