This manual contains instructions for installing and configuring the product. Read the manual carefully before you use the product, so that you can fully exploit. Thank you for your purchase of the PR Series HSPA+ WLAN Pocket. Router. This device is designed to access the Internet via G technology and share. User Manual. Zain Router R HSPA+ / HSPA Router. P/N: Rev. A. Table of Contents BandLuxe R User Manual Uploaded by.

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Mbps Megabits per second: We have a large list of Bandluxe Passwords that you can try located here.

Bandluxe R300 User Manual

Long press the Reset button on the Router for more than 5 sec. This displays the wireless network name or SSID. Beacons are packets sent by an Access Point to synchronize a wireless network.


Security Setup and Protocol fileds, and click Add. Third-generation mobile networking technology that enables simultaneous transfer of voice and non-voice data; most 3G networks use WCDMA.

Bandluxe R Manual

Preset items cannot be edited. One of the following two methods can be chosen to link your Router with PC. You can choose to set the APN automatically or manually. It looks like this:. Page 52 Appendix A: To access the Router remotely, from outside the network, select Enabled.

Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes: Enter the IP address Subnet Mask: Allow Users to Configure: It is suggested to use Ethernet cable. To use the Internet Access policies you set, select Enabled. After the file is located, click Start Upgrade. This allows users to access your computer using all types of derivatives of your domain name.


To enable manual changes to the Router while using the UPnP feature, keep the default setting, Enabled. In the drop-down menu, select the network type your SIM card supports. To enable port forwarding for the application, click the Enabled checkbox to enable port forwarding for the relevant application. This option is commonly used for cable modem services. Enter the Destination IP address that will be assigned to a specific network or host. The status of the DHCP server function is displayed here.

Manuao data in packets at up to 86 kbps.


Select this option to disable access to any WAN proxy servers. If multicasting is permitted, the Router allows 32 Security Setup IP multicast packets to be forwarded to the appropriate t300. EN Product standard to demonstrate the compliance of radio base stations and fixed terminal mnaual for wireless telecommunication systems with the basic restrictions or the reference levels related to human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields MHz – 40 GHz – General public.

You can filter users by two methods: The wireless 42 Admin Setup access to the Router web-based utility can be disabled. For each application, enter the forwarded port number range. To view the most up-to-date information, click Refresh. This isolates all wireless clients and wireless devices on your network from each other.


You can check the SIM card is inserted correctly in your router. Don’t have an account?

To forward a port, enter the information in each field. Page 53 Appendix A: The radio channel number.

Bandluxe R300 Manual

Bandluxe R IP Addresses This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes: Enter a maximum idle time during which the Internet connection is maintained during inactivity. Remote Access Remote Management: Enter the Router User name admin and Password hsparouter.

You can select from a range of transmission speeds.

The Basic Rate setting is not actually one rate of transmission but a series of rates at which the Router can transmit. Select the connection type you prefer. You can set the idle time for the 3. You should try other Bandluxe passwords.

FAQ If you want to connect to the network while roaming: