AIMCAT Solution. Uploaded by. mannika. Q Moral Delimma mannika. AIMCAT Question Paper. Uploaded by. mannika. Cost Accounting. Is dat variation in accuracy in va in aimcats normal, considering dat va in cat I thought this was supposed to be a chat for AIMCAT and not general. AIMCAT QA YouTube 2. Add a comment no plus ones. no shares. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Unable to load.

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Dear vikram, all the relevant dates will be uploaded on the website regularly. You will have to take the aimcats in parallel. Who could help me? Alexandrine, which is a verse or line of poetry of twelve syllables, is the odd man out.

You need to fill in a username. If needed discuss your doubts with a faculty member. Who is online Users browsing this forum: In the VA section I am consistently getting around questions wrong Aicmat suggest any ways to improve my VA accuracy and I am not so good in LR as such I can solve all the questions but am unable to do in the given time and as a result losing out on either LR or other attempts.

MS is a totally different tangent! Center, but do not have a web-login yet, please use the “Register Now” button. Bloomington, IN iuporder indiana.

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Login with Email or Mobile number. Please let me know.

So one aimmcat doesnt have any meaning in this context. You must remember that the quality of your preparation matters more than quantity. Login with Facebook Login delhi. Moreover, you need to work on your ability to pick up the right kind of questions it comes with practice and proper analysis of AIMCATs.


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In sec 2 i mostly depend on LR but if LR is tricky or tough i mess up the section. Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt.

Posted on February 22, by admingnz Look at areas in QA where you have not been able to score. I will recommend that you do not think about it at this juncture.

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There are numerous reasons why you should know about installing apk files. Parth, that depends on the time that you give yourself for RCs and also your reading speed.

You have a very good chance to score a high percentile. CAT first cut analysis slot 1. Once a week, you must take a Mock CAT.

For this case, everybody got at least 5 chocolates and also a unique number of chocolates. It will help when it has to. Com To give each aimxat a true-to-CAT experience in all aspects, including difficulty level and time-management, each AIMCAT is a complete test and thus provides the student with a realistic idea of their level of preparedness.

Login Free Sign Up. Your paper will be different.

Always try to maximize your score. If yes, then is the preference given at the time of issuing call letters i. After paying the fees, I received a password and login for my homepage. Work towards making that 97 and then No it is not. Call their helpline While reading RC if we dont understand the meaning of some words, and guess it wrong, How to tackle this kind of situation and omit aaimcat Also, relax – the feeling that you ‘have’ to do well also causes pressure. Consider meanings, implications through vocab, grammar and structurepossible assumptions and possible derivations.


If simcat can share how amcat did that, we will be able to discuss the way forward. Find official website, address, phone number and email. Remember that the final score depends on not just how you perform but also on how others do. You need to keep your focus from now on and always ensure that you cover the entire paper and not leave any question unread.

Can I buy just the test series? For quant, you must spend sufficient time doing aimccat handouts given in class and re-solving the questions, then solve more questions from your study material and also solve questions from the Mock CATs. Yes, there can be a rare possibility.

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This preview has intentionally blurred sections. If you think reading 3 RCs is too much for you, then target 2 – because even to pick easy Qs out of the third, you got to read it. Is it okay if I have to check solutions when doing for the first time n wen I’ve 109 bn wid maths from 3 yrs?

Com has about ,