Korean J Lab Med. Jun;27(3) [Evaluation of the Abbott Cell-Dyn Sapphire hematology analyzer]. [Article in Korean]. Park Y(1), Song J, Song S. Name of instrument, CELL-DYN Sapphire*. First year installed in U.S./Outside U.S./No. of units sold in , //—. No. units installed in U.S./Outside. The CELL-DYN Sapphire hematology system is designed to address routine testing needs of high-volume hematology laboratories and difficult.

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Two Extraordinary Sellar Neuronal Tumors: It is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in counting and characterizing blood cells.

Performance evaluation of the application of body fluids on the Sysmex XE series automated haematology analyzer. We appreciate the support of individuals and companies making their documents and resources available to our community.

Receive your quote directly from the manufacturer. Our results are in agreement wbbott previous studies showing limited precision of automated cell counters at low cell concentrations. Inquire Here Test Method: Apart from the organizational and inherent economic disadvantages, the manual method also has poor precision and large interobserver variability.

Agreement between the automated cell counts and the microscopic data was examined by Passing-Bablok regression analysis.

[Evaluation of the Abbott Cell-Dyn Sapphire hematology analyzer].

Inquire Here Power Supply: All samples were measured twice, and the means were compared with the expected cell counts. They include programmable automated alarm systems for indicating results outside the reference range.

We investigated whether these limits can be modified to make them applicable for body fluids with much lower cell concentrations compared with blood. Up to sample autoloader and open vial sample handling. But more interestingly, a screening opportunity exists within the very good sensitivity of These obtained calculated cutoff values were confirmed by analyzing body fluids with the respective cell counts for 10 consecutive times data not shown.


Each dilution was examined 10 times. Comparative evaluation of the Iris iQ body fluid module with manual hemacytometer count. RBC and WBC counts were compared with the conventional manual hemacytometer counts, whereas leukocyte differential counts were compared with microscopic counts of cytocentrifuged preparations. Different cell concentrations were prepared, and 10 aliquots of each cell concentration were counted. October 6 th1 Reply Post a Reply.

The Cell-Dyn Sapphire flagged 7 samples, but in only 2 of those samples were metastatic cells present according to the differentiation of the cytocentrifuged preparation. We evaluated the analytic and clinical performance of the Cell-Dyn Sapphire hematology analyzer Abbott Diagnostics Division, Santa Clara, CA for automated blood cell counting and leukocyte differential counting in cerebrospinal fluid, serous fluid peritoneal and pleural fluidand continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis fluid, and we compared the performance with the respective manual methods.

In the present article, we describe its applicability for the distinct body fluids, and we highlight limitations and caveats. My e-mail address is: Literature Review and Comparison of Clinicopathologic Features. In serous fluids, our results led to the impression that the Cell-Dyn Sapphire counts epithelial cells and macrophages, if present, within the PMNC count, resulting in a serious overestimation of the PMNC count. Because the Cell-Dyn Sapphire is normally running blood samples with higher cell concentrations than in body fluids, carryover is an dhn issue.


Figure 1 shows the imprecision CV as a function of the cell abnott. Assays Total assays tested: After a normal blood sample was analyzed, we determined the RBC and WBC count in a series of sapphkre tubes containing sodium chloride buffer only. Write your own review. Inquire Here Optical System: View large Download slide. This yields a very poor sensitivity Prices and Information shown are for reference only and may change without notice.

Save time Submit your details once and make multiple inquiries. Inquire Here Auto Sample Handling: On the other hand, the Cell-Dyn Sapphire is clinically useful for distinguishing WBC admixture from peripheral blood caused by traumatic lumbar puncture. Inquire Here Point Of Care: Oxford University Press is a sqpphire of the University of Oxford.

Simple, automated, single mode calibration makes calibrating the analyzer a quick and easy operation. Passing-Bablok regression analysis indeed showed lack of agreement between both methods in these samples. Please Help me to find that.

Abbott CELL-DYN Sapphire Hematology System

The enumeration and identification of blood cells in body fluids offers important information for the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.

Citing articles via Web of Science It is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in counting and characterizing blood cells.

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For method comparison, we used CSF, serous fluid 61 pleural and 40 peritonealand CAPD fluid samples that were collected for routine diagnostic purposes.