Billable Accounts. Select Customer from the Left Navigation and Add a New Customer. This is your billing entity. You can configure the account as pre-‐paid or. A guide to the basics of using A2Billing The Asterisk PBX was originally designed for Linux Operating system. Due to the the asterisk Handbook (http:// ) . Create A2Billing system/database user. Use this manual to configure Idefisk with your and username/ password as. / NOTE: that User is by default Blocked to insure.

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user manual

There are various ways that an A2Billing customer can trigger the call: Add New Callbacks This screen allow the operator to create a s2billing callback which is them displayed in the show callbacks screen Uer server Groups Lists group in which servers are attached Add Server Group Manuall a new server group that is then displayed above.

From this graph, the maximum number of concurent calls can be ascertained. The 1 in a2billing. This screen lists all the callbacks to a number of different asterisk servers. Invoices Customer View invoices by customer in the format that they will be sent out. Call Report This provides a customisable call report for all calls along with costs and margins.

A Call Plan is a collection of rate-cards.

CentOS v7 Asterisk v11 v13 seems to work. A group can contain many rate-cards. Least Cost Dialing – search the best termination with the cheaper cost for end-user selling rate.

They can be found at the beginning of this procedure. S2billing a SIP friend is created, it is necessary to reload the settings on Asterisk. Provides a terminal screen from your Windows based computer to the calling card server.

The system will report whether the import has been successful, and which rates may have failed the import. View Money Situation The view money situation shows a list of total payments, refills and the outstanding balance for each customer.


As you probably discover, when you browse the card you have 2 particulars button at your disposal: Once the payment has been entered, there is no way to delete the payment, or to correct it, without editing the back end database. Login Information – Forgot password. The table should show the conversion from the base currency rate.

PowerPBX is a trademark of powerpbx. So having set up a PayPal business account, A2billling gives the facility to collect payments online and securely with customers topping up their calling cards with either PayPal or any major credit card. These can be filtered to show one of Four levels: So if you installed asterisk samples or Freepbx and this file already exists and you are trying to add to it, do not add this line twice. This action does not drop any calls already in progress.

Cards have different properties but the main is the tariffgroup to which it is linked. Individual SIP parameters can be edited here.

You will have to define the ratecard name, the trunk to use and the userr fields that you want to specify from manuxl csv files. Post-pay customers pay the operator on receipt of an invoice, after the call has been made. View invoices show a history of previously prepared invoices as well as their status in terms of Sent and paid. From the time that the customer receives the callback and goes off hook From the time that the customer is connected to the called party.

If the CLI is recognised, then the customer will be authenticated via the CLI without the need to enter a card number. Caller IDs are listed in this screen. The remaining fields are filled in with carrier cost, retail cost, minimum duration and minimum billing interval. Therefore if a mistake has been made, a balancing payment must be made to correct the mistake. It is possible to filter on the basis of the card number.


For instance, it is generally cheaper to recieve a call on a mobile phone when roaming abroad than to make a call.

User Guide | A2Billing

The customer is also assigned with a numeric ID, which is simply consecutively numbered at a2billnig. Providers will be used to classify the trunk and to help with reporting.

The file manager system is a2bbilling allow uploading of sound files, either in terms of prompts or music on hold. Having created the Call Plan above, edit the Call Plan through this screen, and add in the rate card. That is underscore character followed by period or dot manula. Examples of where this may be appropriate is with say text based callback, where the number to call is texted to the a text service provider, and they convert that into a URL and send it to the A2Billing Platform.

The destinations that are manjal be included in the free minutes package are selected within the rate card. The DNID can be set to an individual number to always choose this rate card when the number matches.

Change that setting to “no”. However, to limit the liability and debt risk, a credit limit can be set-up within the system, which if exceeded; the customer will be able to make no more calls.

Change that setting to yes if no.