Dotnetuncle’s Interview Crackerjack: The Ultimate. Title Dotnetuncle’s Interview Crackerjack: The Ultimate. GE_Item_ID;. Publisher Createspace. From the author of , here comes The Interview Question-Answer Series that covers topics such as the Microsoft. Book – Dotnetuncle’s Interview Crackerjack. 37 likes. Computers (Brand).

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Item location see all Item location. This article was updated on June 16 Which are the new special folders that are introduced in ASP. Web services are designed to be used by other programs or applications rather than directly by end user.

In earlier versions, we were required to manually use the resgen.

What are Master Pages? Skip to main content. Comment posted by mahi on Tuesday, December 16, 8: It just changes the focus of the webserver to a different page and transfers the page processing to a different intefview.

Interview Questions and Answers – Beginner Level (Part 1) | DotNetCurry

Comment posted by shebi varghese on Wednesday, January 21, 5: Here are two articles that should help you out: Comment posted by siva on Wednesday, June 4, 6: Web Services are applications delivered as a service on the Web.


Comment posted by umarani on Thursday, October 31, 4: If you do not need to store the page, turn it off as it adds to the page size. Comment posted by dorai on Sunday, March 30, NET Development Server to test your pages. Comment posted by Dattaprasad Kulkarni on Monday, April 28, 3: Comment posted by sambath on Saturday, October 2, 9: The only limitation is that remote machines cannot access pages running on this local server. RegularExpressionValidator — Confirms that the value of a control matches a pattern defined by a regular expression.

Turn off dotnteuncle alerts.

Dotnetuncle’s Interview Crackerjack: The Ultimate .Net Interview Question-Answer Series

This folder also stores the local db to maintain membership and role information. It has been re-implemented as a modular framework.

By checking the IsPostBack property. Css is applied to HTML controls whereas skins are applied to server controls.

You can disable viewstate by a control by setting the EnableViewState property to false. Comment posted by albert on Thursday, October 4, Comment posted by manisha on Sunday, May 22, 4: Comment posted by ambar on Wednesday, February 27, RequiredFieldValidator — Checks if the control is not empty when the form is submitted. Register – Associates aliases with namespaces and classes, which allow user controls and custom server controls to be rendered when included in a requested page or user control.


Refine your search for ultimate net.

Exercise questions have been given to practice the subject. How do you create them? A skin is simply a text file with a. How do you disable AutoPostBack?

Questions after questions arise in the minds of the learners. Comment posted by Web05 on Tuesday, October 30, So they can be bookmarked. Objects are saved in a Base64 encoded string. A separate copy of the user control is required in each application that uses it whereas only a single copy of the custom control is crackerjaco, in the global assembly cache, which makes maintenance easier.

Comment posted by Web05 on Friday, October 26, Comment posted by venkatexsh on Wednesday, May 20, 7: