Deadly Deceits has 47 ratings and 7 reviews. Cory said: No surprises that the CIA did what it did. McGehee did a good job in making lots of his activitie. In his book, Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA, McGehee recommends that the CIA be abolished, and a. Deadly Deceits. My 25 years in the CIA. by Ralph McGehee. Ocean Press, (originally published ). Introduction, Gung Ho!, Japan and the Philippines.

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He wanted approval for new plans of CIA. As an coordinate result, some villagers confessed to being “duped” by the Communists, named other members, then quit the ‘movement’ and joined the government side. Accordingly, stories were edited which created a likelihood of misdirecting some readers.

Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA by Ralph W. McGehee

Details of the practices and techniques of a CIA case officer are given. McGehee recommends that the CIA be abolished, and a new intelligence agency created, mcgehee of links to covert operations.

As a case officer his work involved liaison with his Chinese counterparts in various Nationalist intelligence services. By its Northeast border Thailand is hill country.

McGehee began to identify with anti-war protestors. McGehee, pp It had achieved significant results, and received high praise.

Ralph McGehee

Youngest son born p. For an upcoming CIA “hail and farewell” gathering, a particularly lavish costume party was planned, with an Indian tribe theme.


McGehee and operation Raloh.

McGeheep. Cyber rated it it was amazing Jul 05, Its personnel knew little about Communist organization and had no intelligence training. McGehee mentions the secret war in Laos, but he did deceiits directly participate.

A separate Agency that acts clandestinely may be necessary, but not favored. McGehee naturally expected some appreciation from Colby and interest in furthering the Survey work. In retaliation the Thai government ordered unfocused, brutal attacks that often fell on innocent farmers, creating an “atmosphere of hate” that the Communists were eager to exploit politically.

Each day selections were mounted on a “clipboard”. Preview — Deadly Deceits by Ralph W. Three other long inserts are of a somewhat mctehee nature: McGehee Snippet view – McGehee saw parallels between Adams’ situation and his own mids Thailand Survey.

Deadly Deceits

The CIA is not now eeceits has it ever been a central intelligence agency. Interesting in his perspective that the CIA is primarily not information gathering and analysis but propaganda and overthrow of countries. Following his graduation with honors from Notre Dame, McGehee was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency in and quickly became an able and enthusiastic cold warrior.

He has discussed his time spent in Vietnam [] and claimed that the CIA supported anti-Communist counterinsurgency in the Philippines, [].

Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA – Ralph W. McGehee – Google Books

In finding the best name for Hmong tribal groups that fought against communists guerillas, the middle path between “Hunter-Killer Teams” and “Home Defense Units” was agreed to be “Mobile Decdits Forces”. The Communist government accused ‘ Trotskyists ‘ of being agents of Francopp. Cline then was the Taipei COS. McGehee proudly told him of his teams’ work on the district Survey and its findings, showing him the file cabinets with the carded and collated intelligence information.

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He had to leave Thailand in three weeks, and the Survey project would be terminated.

A location for the airstrip was found, and young men selected to be trained. The dispute became somewhat notorious. He characterized it as “my Mission Impossible: Song had good rapport with the locals and hill tribes, but “took an immediate dislike to anyone with direct authority over him.

The Communists in Thailand, he explained, were far more numerous than assumed.

He gave his reasons why he accepted the medal. Judging ra,ph past results, repetitive failure seemed to be the story about the job’s major task: At first McGehee was pleased to be part of the team doing the preparation work.