Buy BLEHER’S DISCUS, Volume 1 on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Bleher’s Discus has 4 ratings and 3 reviews. Andrea said: Una pietra miliare nello studio del pesce d’acquario più affascinante che esista. Oltre ad una. by Joseph S. Nelson. bookbleher. I love books on fishes, human history, natural history, and exploration, and when a book combines all of.

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Exceptional customer service Get specialist help and advice. Santosh Lasure marked it as djscus Nov 14, I want to come to Amazon for the expedition. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

It made me realize to greater degree the vastness of the S A river systems and the spp. Heckel and J. I look forward very much to getting volume 2.

Bleher’s Discus – Volume 1

Last edited by Chad Hughes; at Still reading and feeding my baby fries, now 5 weeks. I would be helped in planning things if you give me a brief explanation of the trip to Amazon.

Hope you re good after the trouble in Brazil. I need to read it more. While some readers might have a tendency to just scan, or skip most of this material all together, I heartily recommend against this. Really dark black or brown to turn black? I have yet to taste a Sacher-Torte cake.

Cichlid Fishes of Western Africa. I certainly enjoy reading about your travels, as do thousands of others. All my Best, and I so look forward to seeing you again on ciscus return!

They have so much information that is necessary to read several times. I must congratulate you for such excellent photographs. As you may have found out on your travels, Hungarians turn up at the most unexpected places and I would be keen to find out how the one named Lorenzo got so far from the motherland.


A little hello from one of your good friends in Norway: I was able to aquire a copy from a local pet store for thirty dollars. I have a large internal sponge filter and my Rio Nannay Angels are always pecking at it and the the side of the tank. About this book Comprehensive study of the genus Sympysodon. Do not hesitate to notify the premiere of the book to me!.

Max Chumachenko sent me a book from Moscow Thank you so much! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Last edited by Apistomaster; at Bleher that I consider the book my discus bible. The first is written by Bleher and J. Michael Yuen, 10 February The basic diet for my wild Discus in order from the most to the least is now mainly earth worm sticks. I wish I could of had the author sign it!

Good morning mr Bleher I received the book Saturday morning thankyou so much for signing it ,normally I go straight to the pictures but once I started reading I could not put it down ,the history is abs fascinating and as of now im at page and cant wait to get home to carry on … Bruce Raymond, 01 NovemberUK. I achieve some synergy from this basic diet as it works equally well with the various small fancy pleco catfish I breed.

He brings to life all the scientists who have worked on the genus — with in part unpublished work and photos — and, after almost half a century of debate regarding the systematics of the genus, provides a new and easy-to-understand summary of the taxonomy. What are the facts? Sc — 17 NovemberIndia.


Thank you again, and all the very best to you, always Heiko Bleher.

Bleher’s Discus – Volume 1 – Aquapress – Bleher

I would like to tell Mr. This time i am writing if you can help me in my Wild discus wish.

Janne Rantanen marked it as to-read Aug 31, The information about detritus is eye opening and quite logical when you think about it. I hleher impressed when I saw the originals laying at Interzoo!

Learn how your comment data is processed. Mr Bleher did a great job by publishing this monograph. With warm regards, Yours truly, E. Thank you for that Heiko… I blehrr said yes to join my Swedish friends…but really hope one day to join you in the Amazonas….

Book Review – Bleher´s Discus Volume 1

Steven Chester, UK — 20 July You bleheer an incredible job!!! Talked to me about how, when he retraced his and his mothers footsteps through the Matto Grosso all he saw was Soya fields — sq miles worth. Ukraine — 10 December Reply.