A Quest for Godliness explores the depth and breadth of Puritan spiritual life. Drawing on a lifetime of study, Packer surveys the lives and. 1. AQUEST FOR GODLINESS. The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life (Excerpt of chapter 8) by J. I. Packer. J. I. Packer’s introduction to a reprint of. Dr. Packer masterfully uncovers the hidden treasures of Puritan life and thought. With crystalline clarity he reveals the depth and breadth of Puritan spiritual life.

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In A Quest for Godlinessthe esteemed author of Knowing God and a dozen other books shares with his readers the rich world of Puritanism that has been so influential in his own life.

Und It is an in-depth study of the Puritans as well as about searching for godliness. And in fact, I think I will. The strength of this book cannot be Intro to the benefits and value of reading the puritans. This q was absolutely fabulous. Packer was the tour guide, showing the Biblical gold that the Puritans labored at vigorously to unearth.

Their sense of human worth, with a vivid pcaker of the greatness of moral issues, of eternity and of the human soul.

A Quest for Godliness

Published June 15th by Crossway Books first published At its heart, this was a spiritual movement, passionately concerned with God and godliness, and a movement for church reform, pastoral renewal and evangelism, and spiritual revival. When was the Puritan era? The Puritan ethic of home life was based on maintaining order, courtesy and family worship, with goodwill, patience, consistency and an encouraging attitude seen as the essential domestic virtues.


Packer allows the Puritans to speak for themselves on each chapter that addresses each topic. The remainder of the book is devoted to exploring five different aspects of these godly people we call the Puritans.

But, in their case, the good far outweighs the bad, and their example in a multitude of areas should be admired and followed. It applies as much today as it did years ago. Great primer on the Puritan view of the Christian life, though perhaps a bit too idealized at times.

A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life – J. I. Packer – Google Books

Perhaps godlinesd greatest effect on me was to encourage the discovery of some of the more readable authors – Richard Baxter in particular. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Refresh and try again. In an introductory chapter, Packer explains why we need the Puritans; his reason is clear and unmistakable. Their understanding of God and His ways with man has largely formed his own spirituality and theological outlook.

Who are some of the Puritan leaders that have most influenced Packer? The former are the sovereignty and sanctity of God; the dignity and depravity of mankind; the love and lordship of Christ; and the light and power of the Holy Spirit.

The integration of their daily lives. Packer has done a wonderful job collecting quotations and speaking to the general Puritan consensus on a number of top This book was absolutely fabulous. For one, Packer writes from the burden to demonstrate why we need the Puritans.

How would you describe the meaning behind the phrase “reduce to practice” to one not familiar with the Puritans? Be the first to ask a question about A Quest for Godliness. Whether you are just getting acquainted with the Puritans or are a long-time friend, A Quest for Godliness will instruct and inspire you.


The day-to-day practices of husbands and wives and the catechizing of children. And truly, I might. Additionally, they held to four key realities and had four overarching areas of concern.

What an awesome book is this! The Puritans exemplified maturity; we don’t.

I came away with a more human view of the Puritans – and a desire to follow in their footsteps. Packer insists that an encounter like this with the Puritans is essential for Christians today who have all but lost any true sense of what Puritans believed, lived for, and sought to give to the church.

Packer No preview available – The remainder of the book is devoted to exploring five different aspects of these godly people. Drawing on a lifetime of study, Dr. A Quest for Godliness is a profoundly moving and challenging exploration of Puritan life queat thought in a beautifully written book.

Feb 28, Sharon Zink rated it it was amazing Shelves: Packer paints a vivid portrait of Godlinesw piety, church life, and social impulse–providing a model of passionate, holy pacler for today’s often-complacent church. We are spiritual dwarfs” I had a bit of a packker time getting into this book. In addition, it was a world-view and a total Christian philosophy. This, however, is only a small weakness, if one could call it a weakness.